After School Sex Slave Club

There’s a High School which has a After School Sex Slave Club. Club has only few girls as members, but they are sex slaves for the masses of boys.

All of the High Schools beautiful girls are nymphomaniacs who want to be gangbanged in to a all holes and they like to be covered with sperm, buckets of sperm.

Episodes are short and they start with introducing the girl and next she’s been gangbanged by roomful of boys.

Girls in After School Sex Slave Club don’t have anykind of personality, they’ve just sex slaves who just happen to have few useful holes – though they are happy to be sex slaves: “Being a slave is so wonderful” but it makes them just a lifeless sex toys and they only want to be “sperm toilet”.

Girls are sex slaves, but theres no S/M in After School Sex Slave Club. It has only humiliation, bukkake, gangbang and some BDSM.

Although it is nice to see so much so graphic sex in a comic I still like more hentai which has some kind of plot and characters that are at least somewhat interesting. Only one scene is mildly interesting; at the end one girl’s virginity is taken by a pig, and I mean the farm animal. Why did artist thought that he should add such an lewd act to point out the devotion of these sex slave girls?

(There is a kind of “surprise”in the end of manga, but actually it would have been better without it )

So, theres no plot, no interesting characters, just as much raunchy sex as possible.

Artwork is quite good, sex scenes are nicely drawn and girls are nice to look at. Even close up’s of their cunts are viewable, which rarely is the case even in good hentai. Impressions on girls faces are nice too.

But overall; this manga is just jerking material, it has no other value.

But I suppose that’s value enough, after all, it is only porn, but I like it. I like it. I like it. Yes I do. If I could stick a knife in my heart. Suicide right on stage… Oh, sorry ’bout that it was only flashback from the Stones concert.

Read After School Sex Slave Club online

Plot: 0/5
Masturbatic value: 4/5
Overall: 2/5


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